Zytrol-7000 is a New Generation Acrylic Polymer Resin for Bonding of Polyester Fibers/Cellulosic Fibers for Wadding/Batting/Back Coating of Non-Woven Fabrics and woven fabrics for water proffing application. It provides excellent adhesion to polyester fiber and prevents migration. Micro emulsion technology of the resin helps in better penetration and provides multi-point bonding even in the inner layers of the substrates. This is a speciality self-cross linking type resin, which can be cured at lower temperature.


Structure with perfect combination of polar and non-polar groups.Smaller particle size & hence better penetration.

Excellent cohesive & adhesive strength.

Lower film forming temperature.
Advanced Surface coating technology


Exceptional adhesion to Polyester/Cellulosic surfaces.

Improved Adhesion & Resiliency of Wadding/Non-wovens.

Stronger bonding at even lower dosage levels. Better final product.

Curing at lower temperature i.e. 110 – 120 degree C – Saving of energy.
Excellent thermal Stability and water impermeability.

Appearance          :    Milky White Liquid
Diluent                 :    Water
Solid content        :    41 ± 2%
Viscosity              :    5-10 CP
Nature                 :    Anionic

Zytrol-7000 can be applied  by standard methods of application. The resin shall be diluted using soft water to adjust the necessary solid content.

    * Keep the carboys of Zytrol-7000 in cool shade.
* Do not store above 50oC or in direct sun.
* Stable for 3-4 months at room temperature.


ZYTROL-7700  is an adhesive based on new generation of acrylic polymer with modified pure acrylic resin for the purpose of side pasting of cartons and various surfaces such as BOPP to board, polyester to board and board to board.

ZYTROL-7700 has  very good adhesion on all the surfaces.  The typical finer particle size helps in excellent adhesion and bonding with better penetration along with  necessary toughness and flexibility making it unique in its nature.


Use of speciality Emulsion Polymerization.

Softer Polymer.
Excellent reemulsification.

Good flow & leveling,


Finer particle size , leading to improved adhesive strength and retention of adhesion.Gives good flexibility and retentivity of adhesion on packaging material even in extreme temperature conditions.

Easy for cleaning rollers and application machinery.

Ensures uniform adhesion and prevents disbonding.

Appearance                  :    Milky White Liquid
Solid Content                :    43 ± 2%
pH                               :    8 ± 0.5
Viscosity                      :    2000 ± 1000 cps

ZYTROL-7700 should be applied by normal application procedures for side pasting adhesives.

ZYTROL-7700 is very easy to handle and normal departmental procedures should be followed.

It should be stored at ambient temperature.

After each withdrawal, the container should be closed tightly.