R-CRYL is a new flexible polymer designed for spun yarn.  R-CRYL is fully compatible with starch and improves the properties of starch for superior weaving.

R-CRYL is a 100% solid product formulated for spun yarn sizing. R-CRYL is completely water soluble.  R-CRYL is easy to handle powder to be used on the shop floor.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
 Flexibility    Gives the sizer best wetting properties and extra ordinary binding & coating to the yarn. 
Abrasion resistance Improves abrasion resistance and the cohesive index of the sized yarn which are important parameters for higher weaving efficiency.
Smoothness of yarn Gives a very smooth film.
Gain in strength Higher binding strength of the starch film to the yarn results in lower dropping of starch film on the looms.


The recommended dosage of R-CRYL for cotton sorts is 600 gms. to 1 kg. per 50 kgs. of starch with 2.0 – 4.0 kg. of M. Tallow or Synthetic Tallow.

In polyester / cotton & polyester / viscous blends, one can use 1-3 kg of R-CRYL for 50 kg of starch along with 3-4 kg of Z-3000 ACP and 1 kg of R-Soft-44/R-Soft-55.

1 kg of R-CRYL replaces 1.5 – 2.0 kg of PVA or 3-5 kg of CMC or 4-6 kg of Gum or 6 – 8 kg of 20% Acrylic Solution.

Take desired level of water and add starch while stirring. Add R-CRYL along with other ingredients and transfer to the pressure cooker.  Heat it till the starch is completely cooked and degelatinized. Add softener to the above mixture and transfer to the sizing box.


ZYTRON-X is a new generation of additive specially designed for improved lubricity and smoothness to the spun yarn.

ZYTRON-X is a speciality additive which can be used at a level of 1-2% on the total solids.

ZYTRON-X is stable at high temperature conditions and gives extremely smooth and soft feel to the yarn, reducing metal to fiber and fiber to fiber friction.

ZYTRON-X also helps in improving the abrasion resistance of the sized yarn.



Liquid form at room temperature Easily pourable.
Better hydrophilicity Improves dispersion of resin in the film which improves flexibility of the starch film.
Excellent film formation & compatibility Improves strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance of the final sized film when formulated with polymers and lubricants.


: Pale Yellow colour liquid
Solid content : 98 ± 2%
Solubility         : Easily dispersible in water at room temperature at 90°C

ZYTRON-X is a new additive designed to improve weaving performance by imparting better lubricity and levelling. It can reduce the requirement of  softeners substantially . One can typically use 1.5% of ZYTRON-X on the weight of total solids.


  • Do not store above 50°C or in direct sun.
  • Stable for 6 months if stored in a shade at room temperature.



RAN 1000


RAN-1000 is a new generation polymer designed with latest organic and physical chemistry used for sizing of spun yarn using starch based recipe.

RAN-1000 gives 10% to 25% cost reduction by replacing PVA, Acrylic solution, CMC and Gum

Features Benefits
Polymeric Structure Higher degree of lubricity.
Film Forming Nature Forms a continuous and smooth film on the yarn and hence improves the coating, minimising the protruding fibre on yarn.
Speciality Co-Polymer Leads to improved wetting and penetration along with high degree of adhesion.
Concentrated Product Requires less storage space.
Good Compatibility Compatible with most of the textile size ingredients.
High Lubricity Improves wet pick-up by 15-20% at 0.5 – 1.0% concentration of size solution.

Colour Pale Yellow liquid
Diluent Water
Solid content 38 ± 2%
1 kg. of RAN-1000 replaces

2-2.5 kg.PVA OR
6-8 kg. 20% Acrylic solution OR
6-8 kg. Gum OR
4-6 kg. CMC
200gm. Antistatic agent OR
25% Softener

The best performance is seen with 50 kg. of starch, 2-3 kg. of  RAN-1000, 4 to 5 kg. of Z-3000 ACP along with softeners like R-Soft-44.  One can add, additional PVA, polyester resin or other binders as needed. Use of RAN-1000 leads to better surface coverage and smoother coating.

  • Stir the RAN-1000 carboy for 5 minutes before using for the first time.
  • Take the desired level of water, add 50 kg. of starch or other binding agents while stirring continuously for 5 minutes.
  • Take RAN-1000 in clean dry vessel, weigh it and add desired quantity of RAN-1000 to the mixture over a period of 1-2 minutes while stirring.
  • Transfer the above mixture to a pressure cooker and heat it till the starch is completely cooked and degelatinized.
  • Add softener to the above and keep the temp. at 90-92oC. Stir occasionally while using.

Store the carboys at room temperature in a shade.

The minimum shelf life of RAN-1000 is six months.