Long-arm Quilting Tips

Long-arm Quilting Tips

Q. What should I do to prepare my top for sending to a long-arm quilter?
A. The top should be clean. All threads should be clipped. It should be squared up before sending it to be quilted. It should not be basted/sandwiched already. The basting would have to be removed before quilting can be done on a long-arm quilting system. More information on this website
Q. How big should my backing be?
A. Your backing should be 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt top. We currently do not offer any backing fabric for sale, nor do we offer a piecing of backing as a service. This extra fabric is needed to load the backing and your quilt on the long-arm frame. It is also crucial that the backing be square before loading on the frame. If the backing is not square or the backing is not large enough, it can be impossible to load and risks distortion being quilted into your backing. Who ever you choose to do your longarm quilting wants to do the very best job for you, so please supply them with the necessary fabric to do the job right.singer sewing machine

Q. Can I provide my own batting?
A. Yes, you may provide your own batting. We do reserve the right to refuse any batting that isn’t consistent in loft or of poor quality. Quality batting is critical to having your quilt look good when it is finished.

Q. Do you post pictures of your customer’s quilts?
A. We respect your quilts. Our philosophy is you own the quilt. You paid us for a service. Even though we are really proud of our work, we understand that you as the owner want first shot at showing it off. On the other hand, if you want to show it off on our gallery, we would be more than happy to oblige.

Q. What is your privacy policy?
A. All information is kept private. We do not sell or share any customer information.

Q. Should older/antique tops be quilted on a longarm?
A. That really depends on the condition of the fabric. Some are not able to be quilted on a longarm because they may have been weakened due to storage conditions or age. If the top is in good condition, there is no reason why it can not be quilted on a longarm. All quilts must be clean before we will accept them.

Q. Why do you want to be contacted before I mail a quilt to you?
A. We want our customers to be happy. Have you ever noticed that there are many different styles of quilt tops? There are also many different styles of quilting. We think it’s a good idea for a quilt topper to check and make sure the longarmer offers the type of quilting they are wanting before shipping the quilt. Different types of quilting not only have different cost considerations, but time considerations as well.
In order to manage our work load and return quilts in the estimated time given, we need to have an idea what our work load is going to be.

Q. What are some tips for packaging and shipping my quilt?
A. Several things can be done to help make sure your quilt safely reaches the intended destination. Make sure you use a sturdy box. Inside the box, wrap your quilt or quilt top in a bag. This will help protect your quilt from getting wet or dirty if the box should develop a hole. I really like those huge ziploc bags. In addition to addressing the outside of the box, put a copy of the address information inside the
bag. This increases the chance that your shipper can return or deliver your quilt, even in the case of a damaged box. Always use a tracking number. All shippers, including the USPS, now offer tracking numbers. If shipping to a residence, consider using a signature required service. This prevents your quilt from being left on a porch in any kind of weather. Serendipity Quilting has a PO Box for receiving your quilts to
ensure a dry, secure environment. There is no guarantee that these tips will keep your quilt completely safe, but it will go a long way into preventing loss.

JUKI HZL-27Z Sewing Machine | Sewing Machine Singer

JUKI HZL-27Z Sewing Machine | Sewing Machine Singer

Juki Industrial sewing machine technology in every stitch. High quality, light weight sewing machine with 22 stitch patterns and 4-step buttonhole. This little workhorse comes with LED lights for a brighter sewing area and automatic needle threader. The free arm and stitch variety give you lots of flexibility. Great starter machine.

Juki Industrial sewing machine technology in every stitch. High quality, light weight sewing machine with 22 stitch patterns and 4-step buttonhole. This little workhorse comes with LED lights for a brighter sewing area and automatic needle threader. The free arm and stitch variety give you lots of flexibility. Great starter machine. Large and easy to use stitch selection dial and reverse lever right in front of the machine. Easy drop in bobbin and 7 point feed dog just like the bigger machines.Singer sewing machine

Product Features

Light weight portable with 22 stitches and buttonhole

Automatic needle threader

Easy stitch change dial

Free arm and drop in bobbin

LED light bright work area Comments E. Greenlee says:Great portable machine I purchased the Juki HZL-27Z as a gold box deal for $159.99 and am totally pleased with my purchase. I had been thinking about getting a compact machine that would be a nice backup machine as well as function as a portable while RVing. I currently use a Brother Quattro and Brother SE270D and primarily do crafts, machine embroidery, and quilting with them. When this deal came up, I couldn’t pass it up!Although I have never tried using other portable machines like a Singer featherweight or a Janome Jem, I thought I would give the Juki a try. Juki has a good reputation for its commercial and higher end machines. I also wanted something that was not computerized as my backup since I would be moving it quite a bit.Pros:Lightweight – weighs 12 pounds reportedly; I weighed it at 12.8Easy to use out of the box – it has similar bobbin winding, top loading bobbin, and threading as my other Brother machines; you do have to thread through the top…ReplyCandy Beauchamp “CandysRaves”says:Great machine for crafty types. A few years ago my daughter asked me to make her a dress. I bought the cheapest sewing machine I could find and it took me several days just to figure out how to make it work, and even longer to get the dress put together.singer sewing machine
In the end, my promise was fulfilled and I gave the sewing machine away.Well, my daughter is bigger now and we were looking at things to do together. And she remember that dress I made her. “Mommy, it would be great if we could make clothes together!” Umm…yeah…right. Luckily, I got the JUKI HZL-27Z Sewing Machine this time around, or our “together time” could have been a disaster!First off: This machine scared me right out of the box. It has all these pictures of stitches, and drawings on it that I thought I was supposed to understand right away. Luckily, I calmed down and realized that mostly it was step-by-step instructions on how to set the machine up and get it ready to sew.Secondly: I really couldn’t remember much from…ReplyPam Jsays:Frustrated by this machine I must have gotten a dud or something. I spent a whole week struggling with this machine and ended up returning it. For the life of me, no matter what, I could not adjust the tension on a simple straight stitch as the top stitch seems to be pulling tight. On top of it, it keeps randomly skipping stitches. I like to sew, have owned several and heard great things about Juki but this is not for me. Back to my Janome. I bought this machine based on reviews, supposed ease of use for different types of fabric, and went ahead with the purchase because of the promotions price