R-3000-NAJ is a New Generation Polymer designed for Zero Twist Filament Yarn Sizing.  It replaces Acrylic Polymer solution.R-3000-NAJ reduces the percentages of size add-on to 3.5 – 7%, depending on the yarn and the type of looms with exceptionally good weaving performance.

R-3000-NAJ is a 100% solid resin product available in granular form. It dissolves easily in hot water and hence very easy for desizing.

Features Benefits
Structure with perfect combination of
Polar & non-polar groups
Exceptional adhesion to polyester surface.
Good Compatibility Compatible with size mix preparation.
Granular form User convenience.
Exceptional cohesive and adhesive
Stronger binding at low add on percentage. Suitable for both waterjet and airjet looms.
High molecular weight Non-blocking character of size film under high temperature & humidity.

Physical Form     :    Solid granules
Diluent                :    Water
Solid content       :    98 + 2%
Nature                :    Anionic


A typical recipe to size polyester filament yarns is as follows:

R-3000-NAJ 10kg.
Water (demineralized water or soft water,
total dissolved solids of soft water should be low)  
90 kg.     
Total weight 100 kg.
Note : Solid content of recipe is:

Solid x 100
                               Total   Weight



  1. Take 70% of the total water used in the recipe.  Start heating and bring it close to boiling.
  2. Addition of R-3000-NAJ should be spread over 20-30 minutes, after the temp. has reached 90°C.   This ensures easy solubilization.  Do not add all the powder at one time.
  3. Heat further for 1 to 2 hours to dissolve R-3000-NAJ completely.
  4. Part of the water which evaporated during heating should be replaced by adding equivalent amount of water.
  5. Also add the remaining 30% of the water.  This addition of water will bring down the temperature to 50-55°C.
  6. Allow it to cool to 30-35°C and then start sizing.
  7. One can use lubricants & antistatic additives.

The size add-on expected with normal machine conditions is between 4 to 4.5%. One may change the level of water, depending on wet pick-up, to maintain final size add-on between 3.5 to 7% as per needs.


  • Keep the bags of R-3000-NAJ in cool shade. Do not keep it in hot Sun or at a temperature higher than 40°C.
  • In case the bags are open and are intended to be stored for a longer time, ensure to tie and seal the mouth to avoid moisture contact.

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