ZYTROL-616   is a state-of-the-art polymer designed for ZYCO-PLUS Pigment Dyeing System.

ZYTROL-616 is an integral part of ZYCO-PLUS system for achieving pastel and light colours.



Cationic Nature

Highly Exhaustible

Self Curing

Avoids separate curing operation.

Soft Feel

Leads to soft finish result.

Good Wash Fastness

Looks and feels the same even after repeated washings.

Appearance Milky White
Diluent Water
Nature Cationic
Solids 31 ± 2%

ZYTROL-616 can be applied to the garment after mixing with ZYCRON(PL) range of Pigment Emulsions and CATALYST-MX or as an individual component by adding to the exhaust bath.ZYTROL-616 is normally recommended as 1-1.5 parts for every part of the Pigment emulsion.

[Refer to our literature on ZYCO-PLUS Pigment Dyeing System for detailed application procedure]

Storage Stability :

  • Stable for 6 months if stored in a shade at room temperature in a closed container.
  • Do not store above 45oC or in direct sun.
  • After each withdrawal from the container, always ensure to close the cap.

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