Zytrol-7040 is an acrylic binder recommended to be used in Exterior Aqueous Decorative Paints.  It replaces conventional binders which are designed for water based paints and inks.

The most important feature of Zytrol-7040 is that it can develop crosslinking after drying at room temperature.  After drying, it gives excellent scrubbing fastness


Use of  state-of-the-art emulsion polymerizationtechnology.Excellent re-emulsification

New especiality chemistry


Improved Scrub Fastness
No flocculation.

Improved mechanical stability and Better cross-linking density.

Appearance                   :    Milky White
Solids content               :   41 ± 2%
pH                               :     7 – 7.5

Zytrol-7040 is like any other binder to handle and normal departmental procedures should be followed.

Do not store above 45oC or in direct sun.

After each withdrawal from the container, always ensure to close the cap.

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