GRIND RESIN NK is a speciality multifunctional additive for pigment dispersion. It reduces grinding time   & improves wetting of pigments, stabilises dispersion, prevents flocculation and reduces tendency of settling on ageing.

GRIND RESIN NK being multifunctional dispersing agent does more than simple surfactants and traditional dispersing agents when used during grinding . As an additive for highly concentrated pigment dispersions, it wets the pigments and stabilizes it with minimum foaming.It does not affect the water resistance properties of the finished coating adversely. It improves the flow properties of  the final coating.

Features Benefits
Rapid Pigment Wetting 

Good flow at high pigment concentration.

Maximum tint strength development

Higher colour value.

Better stabilization Elimination of hard settling & improved hiding.

Compatibility and Effectiveness for Water based Coatings:

Grind Resin NK is compatible with most of the water based acrylics, alkyds, polyesters as well as latex emulsions intended for gloss, semi-gloss and flat finishes. It will not interfere with gloss, film integrity or water resistance of finished coatings. The aqueous system should have a pH of 6 to 10 to avoid possible shock.

Grind Resin NK is effective for a wide range of pigments, i.e. inorganic, organic and metallic.

Use Grind Resin NK at the level  0.5 to 2% based on total formulation. We recommend to use Grind Resin NK to prepare white base of TiO2 at high pigment concentration. Use this dispersion for preparation of various acrylic emulsion paints, distempers and premium quality emulsion paints. This dispersion helps in reducing TiO2 consumption. One will achieve a very finely ground TiO2 particle stabilized by this resin. This highly stabilized TiO2/pigment particle will not undergo flocculation or agglomeration in typical paint formula. This will lead to substantial cost savings in long run. It also gives higher colour value for various organic pigment dispersions when incorporated in grinding. This is specifically applicable to pigments  which are difficult to disperse,such as: phthalo blue, green, black, etc.. It also imparts stability over a longer period of time.

A typical formula for white base of TiO2 without binder is given below:

Grind Resin NK : 3.00 – 7.00
Emulsifier (9.5 mole) : 2.00
Propylene Glycol : 2.00
TiO2 (Rutile) : 70.00
Water : 19.00
Total weight percentage : 100.00 

One may use ammonium polyacrylate thickeners or conventional thickeners to impart necessary viscosity replacing water.


Yellowish viscous liquid

Diluent Water
Solids 40 ± 2%
pH 8-9

Storage Stability:

  • Stable for 6 months if stored in a shade at room temperature in a closed container.
    Protect from light.

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