K-2000-REDUCER is specially formulated paste for addition to K-2000 series of highly pigmented coloured inks i.e. K-2000-ML/MH, K-2000-R and K-2000-B.

One can prepare pastel, light and medium shades by using K-2000-REDUCER along with the coloured inks in the required proportion to generate the necessary shades as per required strength. K-2000-REDUCER is loaded with enough of TiO2 to take care of necessary opacity after mixing with pigmented inks.  In case, one needs further improvement in opacity, then K-2000 White can be added.

K-2000-REDUCER is fully compatible with all the pigmented inks in K-2000 series.

K-2000-REDUCER can be easily added and mixed by hand or mechanical stirrer.  The viscosity adjustment can be made by using  ZASE-5100 thickener as per requirement.  In case, one needs to lower down the viscosity, one can use ZYTROL-400/ZYTROL-500binders available from our range of products.

Stable for 6-12 months, if stored in a shade, at room temperature, in a closed container.

Being water based inks, evaporation of water can lead to destabilisation of final ink formulation.  After opening the container, one must add small quantity (50-100 gm) of water and seal it tightly to avoid water loss from surface and avoid drying of upper surface.

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