It is a speciality multifunctional additive for pigment dispersion in paints, inks and general solvent based coatings. It reduces the grinding time & improves wetting of pigments, stabilises dispersion, prevents flocculation and reduces tendency of settling on storage.Grind Resin SP being multifunctional dispersing agent does more than simple surfactants and traditional dispersing agents when used during grinding. As an additive for highly concentrated pigment dispersions, it wets the pigment, stabilizes the same and reduces the tendancy of flocculation with minimum foaming. It does not adversely affect the film properties of the finished coating.

Features Benefits
Rapid Pigment Wetting Good flow at high pigment concentration
Maximum tinting strength development

Higher colour value.

Better stabilization Elimination of hard settling.


It is compatible with most of the solvent based acrylics, polyesters, epoxies, stoving alkyds, polyethers, polyamides & polyketones. It  improves flow, levelling and gloss. It is effective for a wide range of pigments, i.e. inorganic, organic and metallic.One can use Grind Resin SP to prepare various tinters wherein it  helps to disperse difficult to disperse type of pigments faster by minimizing false viscosity development during grinding such as phthalo blue & green, black etc. One can replace traditional wetting agent/dispersing agent either partly or fully for this purpose.

Application Dosage

0.5% to 3%  of this additive improves properties as described above.


Yellowish viscous liquid


Ethers, Aromatic Solvents, Alcohols Acetates & Ketones.

Solids (110oC/ 2 Hrs.) 50 ± 2%
Type Modified acrylic co-polymer in Ethyl Cellosolve
Nature Anionic

Storage Stability :

  • Stable for 12 months if stored in a shade at room temperature in a closed container.

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