R-SOFT-55 is a specially designed softener for sizing of Spun Yarn.

R-SOFT-55 is designed for flexibilizing starch, improving lubricity and minimizing the loss of adhesion.

R-SOFT-55 is a new generation product based on new chemistry. It reduces the brittleness of starch and improves the lubricity.

features benefits
Improves Abrasion Resistance Reduce dropping on the loom. Improves appearance of grey fabric and higher weight of fabric/unit length.
Eliminates requirement of adhesion Practically eliminates adhesion promoting polymers in low reed-pick cotton sorts and in high speed looms for cotton as well as polyester/cotton or polyester/viscous blends.
Improves surface finish Gives required lubricity for weaving.
Solid content 68% ± 2%
pH 6.5 – 7
Appearance Thick Emulsion

The recommended dosage of this softener is 2%, based on starch. The product should not be cooked with starch, polymers and other ingredients and should be added in storage tank.


  • Stable for 6 months if stored in a shade at room temperature in a closed container.



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