Zytrol-500 is a binder recommended to be used in  Aqueous Pigment Printing. It replaces conventional binders which are designed for water based pigment printing system. Zytrol-500 as a part of aqueous pigment printing system reduces the consumption of water based thickeners such as RAN-5000 and it also improves colour value of the final print.

The most important feature of Zytrol-500 is that it does not need high temperature cure. After drying, it cures in 24 hours by itself at room temperature giving washing and crock fastness equivalent to oven cured conventional binders.



Use of state-of-the-art emulsion polymerization technology Improved Wet Rubbing Fastness
Good wash fastness Retains original looks and feel even after repeated washings
Excellent re-emulsification No chocking problem
New speciality chemistry Improved colour value and room temperature curing

Appearance : Milky White
Solids content : 39 ± 2%
pH : 7 – 7.5

Zytrol-500 is like any other binder to handle and normal departmental procedures should be followed. The only care to be taken is to use good quality of water to maximize the benefits of reduction in thickener consumption.

Preparation of fully aqueous print paste :

A typical stock paste is prepared as follows :

8-12% – Zytrol-500

84-88% – DM Water

2.5 – 2.8% – RAN-5000

1 – 1.5% – R-55 (Softener & leveling agent)

Add Zytrol-500 to the part DM water. Start stirring  and add RAN-5000,  R-55   and remaining DM water. Stir for 5-10 minutes. Filter (140-160 mesh nylon cloth) . Add pigment emulsion and  Melamine resin (if needed).

For very heavy shades like 8-10% one may want to use higher percentage of Zytrol-500 to get desired dry & wet fastness. There are many variations of procedures for stock preparation. The sequencing and time of stirring should be optimized by individual mill.

  • Do not store above 45oC or in direct sun.
  • After each withdrawal from the container, always ensure to close the cap.


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