VELVETROL is a speciality reactive silicone softener for exhaust / padding application. VELVETROL  is suitable for super slick, soft finish results on 100% polyester and its blends with all natural fibres.



Micro Emulsion

Excellent Lubricity

Plasticizing Nature

Cationic Nature

Good Solubility

Good Compatibility


Super bounce and fall imparted to woven and knitted fabrics.

Perfect coverage on fabrics. Improved fabric brilliancy

Improves sewability.

Improves crease resistance.

Highly exhaustible. Suitable for white varieties.

Easy and faster mix preparation.

Compatible with textile finish recipes.


: White translucent emulsion
: Water

VELVETROL can be applied by padding exhaust process. Recommended dosage for various fabrics and their blends is 2 gpl to 10 gpl at 70% wet expression.

VELVETROL can be applied by padding method by varying dose from 2 gms/ltr. to 10 gms/ltr. at 70% wet expression as per finish requirement.

VELVETROL can be applied by exhaust method with varying dose between 0.5% to 1.0% on weight of fabric as per finish requirement.

Specific Applications

  • 100% Polyester Sarees and Dress Material:
    VELVETROL gives bouncy, soft and smooth result with good fall to Polyester varieties.
    It can be applied at 15 gms/ltr dosage to achieve best results.
  • P/V Suiting variety :
    On P/V Suitings, VELVETROL gives good crease resistance, bounce and staple finish results.
  • Combination of LUSHFEEL and VELVETROL on Polyester and Shirting varieties:
    3 gpl LUSHFEEL and 6 gpl VELVETROL leads to excellent finish results on Polyester-Cotton blended variety.

Precautions while using VELVETROL

  • VELVETROL should not be applied to high shear condition during application like Jet Machines.
  • VELVETROL should not be subjected to high temperature conditions (i.e. above 180 0C )
  • Overdose of VELVETROL may cause thermomigration problem.

Store in a cool and dry place (below 40°C ). Keep the drum tightly closed and avoid inhalation. Shelf life of VELVETROL is 3-6 months.

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