Zytrol-7500 is a speciality water borne adhesive for wet lamination and packing. It is multifunctional in the sense that it can give very good adhesion to polyester, BOPP, PVC films on Pigmented and Metallic Inks and it is found to retain adhesion even under conditions of direct sun light and high humidity.


Use of  speciality Emulsion Polymerization.

Softer Polymer.

New Special Chemistry.

Excellent reemulsification.

Good flow and leveling.

Multifunctional Adhesive.

Finer Particle Size.


Finer particle size leading to improved adhesive strength and retention of adhesion.Gives good flexibility and retentivity of adhesion on packing material. Prevents channeling.

Faster Curing Post Lamination. Reduces in-process inventory.

Easy for cleaning rollers and application machinery and improved machine and labour productivity.

Ensures uniform film properties, exhibits better gloss and clarity.

Reduced Inventory of Multiple Product.

Better Coverage (30%-40%), compared to contemporary adhesives and hence reduced cost.

Appearance                  :    Milky White
Solids content               :    43 ± 2%
pH                              :     8 ± 0.5
Viscosity                      :    9000± 3000 cps

Zytrol-7500 should be applied by normal application procedure for adhesives.

* Zytrol-7500 is very easy to handle and normal departmental procedures should be    followed.

* Store at ambient temperature.

* After each withdrawal from the container, always ensure to close the cap tightly.

In case of lower viscosity, we can provide an additive which can be added at 0.1 to 0.5% level increase the viscosity. the additive will be needed only under unusual conditions of application or storage.

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