ZYCOPRINT is a new generation of polyacrylic  thickener recommended for aqueous pigment printing system.
ZYCOPRINT can be substituted for emulsion in pigment printing.
ZYCOPRINT is a simple, highly cost  effective and safe product which leads to an environmentally clean process.



Associative viscositty building machanism

New emulsifier chemistry

Water bsed chemistry

Good compatibility


Reduced flushing of the print.
Softer feel of the printed portion, compared to the conventional system.

Replaces kerosene completely or partially, depending on the printer’s need.

Compatible with pigment printing ingredients.

1. Preparation of fully aqueous print pastes

A typical stock paste is prepared using some or all of the following chemicals (when printing 3-4% shade):

X% Water (typically 82-88% )
2.5 – 3.0% ZYCOPRINT
Y% Binder (typically 8-12%)
1-2% Fixing Agent (Melamine type)

The consumption of ZYCOPRINT depends on the quantity of electrolytes and emulsifiers present in water and binder.  Fixing agents are needed to be used with fabrics made from synthetic fibres or those containing high percentage of synthetic fibres.

For very heavy shade like 8-10%, one may want to use higher percentage of binder.  Some additional quantity of ZYCOPRINT can directly be added and stock paste stirred for 10 minutes to obtain good printable viscosity.

2. Preparation of part emulsion system

X% Water (typically 65-78%)
2 – 2.5% ZYCOPRINT
Y% Binder (typically 8-12%)
Z% Kerosene (typically 10-20%)
1 – 2% Fixing Agent (Melamine type)

Some  of the printers still use kerosene or other solvents.  In part emulsion system, the solvent level is reduced to 10-20% from 80% and additional thickening is obtained by an auxiliary thickener.  The above recipe can be useful for part emulsion system, with the following sequence of chemical addition:

    Water   ->    binder    ->     ZYCOPRINT        ->     kerosene     ->    fixing agent     ->    pigment emulsion.

The paste is stirred for 10 minutes for full viscosity development.

There are many variations of the procedures for stock preparation.  Therefore the sequencing time of stirring should be optimized by individual Mill department.


  • Stir ZYCOPRINT carboy for 5 minutes before using for the first time.
  • Take the desired quantities of the material in the following sequence :-
    Water     ->    binder     ->    ZYCOPRINT        ->     kerosene (if used).
  • Stir for 15 minutes till full viscosity is developed.
  • Add appropriate quantities of pigment emulsion followed by the fixing agents while printing synthetic blends.



Do not store in direct Sun or at a temperature higher than 45° C.
Always keep the cap closed after each withdrawal of the material.

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