Zypol is a New Generation polymer for Bonding of Polyester Fiber  for Wadding/Batting and Back Coating of Non-Woven Fabrics and woven fabrics. It provides excellent adhesion to polyester fiber and prevents migration. The small  particle size of the polymer helps in better penetration and provides multi-point bonding even in the inner layers of the substrates. It is possible to reduce the dosage level by about 30%-35% compared to self cross-linking acrylic resins.

Structure with perfect combination of polar and non-polar groups.Smaller particle size & hence better penetration.

Excellent cohesive & adhesive strength.

Lower film forming temperature.



Exceptional adhesion to Polyester Surface

Softer feel & Improved Resiliency of Wadding/Non-wovens.

Stronger bonding at even lower dosage levels. Better final product.

Curing at lower temperature i.e. 110 – 120 degree C – Saving of energy.

Appearance         :   Solid Granules
Diluent                :   Water
Solid content        :   98 ± 2%
Nature                 :   Anionic

It is easy to prepare solution of ZYPOL. Following procedure may be adopted for making 10% solution :

ZYPOL : 10 kg
Water (Demineralized water or Soft water with low total dissolved solids) : 90 kg
Total Wt. : 100 kg
Note: Solid content of recipe is  Solid  x  100 : 10.00%
Total Weight
  1. Take 70 parts of water used in the recipe. Start heating and bring it close to boiling.
  2. Addition of 10 parts of  ZYPOL should be spread over 20 – 30 minutes after the temperature reaches
    90 degree C. This ensures easy solubilization. Do not add all the powder at one time.
  3. Heat further for 30 – 60 minutes to dissolve ZYPOL completely.
  4. Part of water, which evaporated during heating, should be replaced by adding equivalent amount of  water.
  5. Also add the remaining 20 parts of the water. This addition of water will bring down the temperature  to 50 – 55 degree C.
  6. Allow it to cool to 30 – 35 degree C. Adjust the concentration to desired level. Start spraying on the substrate.

    * Keep the bags of  ZYPOL in cool shade.
    * Do not store above 40oC or in direct sun.

    In case the bags are open and are intended to be stored for a longer time, ensure to tie and seal the mouth to avoid moisture contact.

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