ZYTOPLAST is a new generation Modified Corn Starch compound specially formulated with speciality additives for spun yarn sizing. The product has excellent adhesion to polyester, cotton and rayon fiber.

ZYTOPLAST  gives excellent lubricity, flexibility and  abrasion resistance making it an ideal compound for  spun yarn sizing.

ZYTOPLAST is based on modified starches making it easier to desize with normal enzyme technique.



Homogeneous compound Can be used alone or can be blended with unmodified or modified starch to reduce cost. No dusting.
Lower viscosity Better wetting and penetration.
New surface chemistry Excellent adhesion, lower dropping & improved lubricity.
Chemical modification of starch

Stable viscosity, excellent Wetting & lower retrogradation temperature.

Improved solubility

Easily desized with enzymes.

Excellent film formation and compatibility

Improves strength, reduces loss in elongation, allows easy opening and lower dropping on looms.

Appearance :  Light white colour powder
Solid content :  96 ± 2%
Solubility :  Easily soluble in hot water above 85°C
Chemical composition :  Blend of additives with starch.


ZYTOPLAST  can be cooked from 8% to 17% concentration depending on sizing requirement. The product can work by itself as a single product for sizing 100% polyester spun yarn, polyester cotton and polyester-rayon blends along with 100% cotton from 80’s count to 30’s count. For lower count if cost is a consideration and for slower speed looms, one can blend ZYTOPLAST with locally available unmodified starch in ratio 67/33 or 50/50 or 33/67 depending on quality of size required.


Desizing of this compound is relatively easy. Standard enzyme technique should be followed for complete removal.

Add-on % of this product should be decided by user taking into consideration gain in strength required for maintaining reasonable loss in elongation and surface protection required for controlling hairiness of the final yarn. The optimum % pick-up varies from Mill to Mill and from Sort to Sort depending on yarn quality and types and speed of the looms used.

cook procedure

Taked water and add ZYTOPLAST powder in a cooking vessel. Stir for 10 minutes and start the cooking by injecting steam. One can cook in open or closed vessel at atmospheric or high pressure conditions. The time can vary from 60 minutes to 30 minutes depending on heating profile and final temperature achieved.

The cooked solution is generally stable in viscosity and small drop may be seen over extended storage beyond 2-4 hours. The cooked size solution should be maintained at 85 – 90° C in storage vessel with indirect heating. Concentration should be monitored by refractometer for routine control along with viscosity cup for maintaining % concentration and viscosity at a given temperature.

  • Do not store ZYTOPLAST bags above 50°C or in direct sun.
  • Stable for 12 months if stored in a shade at room temperature.

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